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The Lamanteer kids are still waiting for Christmas to happen...

and Mom Connie Lamanteer says the  little yorkie on the left is Rhett - Boy, is he not happy!!



Miss Scarlett sits and waits for them to get their act together....



Where did Rhett Lamanteer go???????



Chauncey says..."I am here Mom..!!!!"



Rhett says, "I'm not leaving!!"



Scarlett says

"all this picture taking makes me so tired...!!!!!!  oh the life of a Diva Jersey"



laying in wait for Santa  we know he will be here someday..!!!!  and these snow people are no help!!!!



the Tzu's are sure if they wait here Santa will trip over them and then they have him!!!!



Lee Swanson's Elvis (aka Henry) on the left and Pat Smith's Gizmo enjoying the holidays together!!!

Father and Daughter duo!!




The Swanson Family

Prince Henry, Dixie, Baby Girl, Tia and Family Friend Gizmo



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