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"Check out the bow on my head!!"

Maria Boyle's Nuggett



"Hey, what are you doing?"

Maria Boyle's Peanut



"What does a kid have to do to get a treat around here??"

Maria Boyle's Peanut



"Awwww Mom, not another one!!"

Maria Boyle's Nuggett



"This is my Marilyn Monroe hairdo!!"

Maria Boyle's Casey



The Grimm Kids

Pixel, Saki, Peanut and poor Raphael, who the others don't like..so they pushed him off the pillow!!!



Park Avenue Grandbabies

Bella, Delilah and Novee




A girl has to have her shades!!!

Parkave Blame it on Casanova - Novee




The Clonts Family

A.J., Marti, and Austin with Chelsee, Bella, and Lexi




Austin  with Chelsee, Bella and and Lexi



Park Avenue Yorkies

Proud parents are Kathy and Michael Delong.

Delilah, Sunee, Samson, Bella and Novee!!!



Melody says "I'm a Cutie-Pie!!

Melody's Mom is Diane DeeWaard



My name is Nickie DeeWaard - "No, I am not cute, I'm HANDSOME!!"



Summer DeeWaard says "I'm a Princess in my Christmas Dress!!"



Whiskey Bear DeeWaard says "Hey you guys, what about me, check out my Christmas sweater!!"



Biscuit, Punkin, and Winky Rose catch a few winks!!



Winky Rose says "I'm a Yorkie with Attitude!!"



Karen Coffey and a wet Boeing sharing a moment together!!



Boeing opening up a present "Boy, is this FUN!!"



Karen Coffey's Christmas gift from Anita.

Plaque says "If they don't take dogs in heaven, she's not going."



Maxwell Coffey says "Don't touch my Christmas bone!!"



Boeing helping Dad John Coffey open a Christmas card!!



Madison Coffey taking a bath..."I'm not shy!!"



Maxwell says "Christmas is hard work...time for a snooze!!"



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