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Christmas Babies



Christmas Morning at Kamp K-9 (29 Residents at the moment!!)

HO HO HO - Where is BREAKFAST?????



Green Valley Nursing Home Residents enjoy a holiday visit from therapy babies.

Showme is wearing his "Special Angel" bandana.



Judy Chisholm's Christmas gift from her sister-in-law Nancy Wiley!!!

(Nancy Wiley does custom portraits.  Prices start at $85 on up.  Price is dependent on the number of pets in the portrait and the medium used.  You can contact Nancy at:

 nwiley@sculptinwood.com or nancy@minifarm.com  with subject line "painting quote" for more information.)  below are samples of her work.


Nancy Wiley "On the Rocks"

Nancy Wiley "Wolf"




Debbie Malloy's Babies - Magnum, Laci, Sweet Pea and Lolita

Aren't we Precious?



Winky and Molly Rose taking a nap on Christmas Day.



Gracie Delaney playing in her play agility tube



Gracie Delaney says "Merry Christmas Everyone!!"



Baggins Zulick playing with his Christmas toys!!



Mr. Baggins toting his present!



Pushie and Baggins Zulick playing together.



The Zulick kids checking out a present - Is that for me????



Bruno, Mouse, Toughie and Gizmo Schwarten enjoying all the new toys!!


Bruno Schwarten playing with his new bear.



The Schwarten gang keep all their toys safe on Mom's couch!!



Gizmo Schwarten playing with his new toy!!



Gizmo says "I Love Christmas!!"



Mouse Schwarten taking a nap with all the new presents - "They are mine, all mine!!"



Toughie Schwarten in bed with his new toy!



Mouse Schwarten checking out all the toys!!



Elle Ramsden spending the holidays in Georgia and visiting the Rose Crew



Diane Ramsden (on the right) and her sister Margaret visiting the Rose Crew

(Diane is spending the holiday with her sister here in Atlanta, and took the time to come and visit the Rose Crew in Newnan!!  These are two super neat ladies!!)



Biscuit, Punkin and Winky Rose sharing a nap in their bed adorned with red garland!!



Baggins Zulick gives his first Christmas a "Paws Up"!!



Pushie Zulick - "Where's Mine Mom????"



Pushie Zulick - Checking out the Wee Wee Pad!!



Roxy and Xena Gullifer enjoy their Christmas stockings from Grandma.  Roxy is a blond pom and Xena is a parti Pom.  Both of Autumn's babies are CT babies.

"Hurry Mom hurry, Where's the next toy????"




Missy Peanut Grimm exhausted from all the company and taking a well deserved break on Santa.

"Okay, Santa, Where is my stuff???????"



Mabel enjoying her 15th Christmas with a new toy!!

Mabel's Mom is Karen Duffy and Mabel is a CT Baby.



Bear Shelton enjoying the festivities in his holiday collar and bow tie

Bear says "Mom made me dress up!!!"



Bear Shelton looking at Mom Linda Shelton - "Where's Mine????"



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