Tips for collecting a Urine Sample

Many people have a difficult time getting a urine sample from their pet.  We hope the tips and tricks provided below will help to make it a little easier to get that urine sample that your vet may need. 

Some of our members have generously shared their tips for successfully acquiring a urine sample!!!


Tip from Lee Swanson - A glad sandwich baggy works great for a small dog. Cut the holes up in the sides allowing a point to hang down between the legs. The point in the baggy will collect the urine. I just twist the point a bit so not to spill and then remove from the dog. This method works for me.  All I have to do is pour in the little jar, best to cut point over jar and drain, baggy is clean, so the urine is still as sterile a catch as you can get from a dog. Please see the pictures below for a visual of how to use the baggy method.  ( A special thank you to Tia for modeling.)




Tips from Diane DeeWaard - A shallow soup ladle with a long handle will work for collecting a urine sample.  I use a leash on the dog to keep them near when I am trying to collect a sample.  When the dog squats or lifts his/her leg to urinate, you can slip the soup ladle under them and catch a sample.   I usually get a sample first thing in the morning when the dog has to urinate right away.  If you have a fenced in yard, you can let the leash go once you have collected the urine sample and that will help to make it easier to put your sample in a container.  Once you have perfected this method, you will be able to get the ladle into the house one handed without spillage!!!

Tips from Susan Bender - I take a  large flat metal spoon and followed the dog around the yard until she squats to urinate.  I then take the spoon and slide it under the dog.  Do not  spill your urine sample on your way back to the house. I recommend you take a container with you to put the urine sample in.  Good Luck !!!  

Tips from Maria Boyle -  I use a very small tupperware container.  I just wait for the dog to squat and then I slip the tupperware container under her from behind.  It may take quite a few tries to finally be successful.  When you finally got urine in the cup, you yell YIPPEE!!!!! 

Tips from Donna Rose - I take a clean wee wee pad and turn upside down, plastic side up.  When the dog urinates on the pad, take a plastic syringe (minus the needle of course) and syringe up the urine.  You may have to syringe several times to get enough urine in your container.  


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