Diet Drug - Slentrol


Claudia A. Kirk, DVM, PhD
University of Tennessee
Department Head of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Associate Professor and Head
Diplomate, ACVN and ACVIM


(Dr. Kirk is internationally known for her expertise in nutrition.  She is board certified in nutrition and in internal medicine.)

(The University of Tennessee researched Slentrol - the new diet drug for pets.  The response below from Dr. Kirk is in reference to a question about the use of Slentrol in obese dogs )


"Yes, this is the drug we used.  It is not a panacea but for help getting weight off, it is good.  It is not for dogs with liver disease, and like all drugs can have side effects.  But for Obese Yorkies with CT and otherwise healthy, it would be an option when standard diet and exercise fail*.  It helps curb appetite by increasing the level of the satiety hormone PYY.  It does this through its function as a microsomal triglyceride transfer protein inhibitor.  This blocks fat repackaging in the intestine which seems to stimulate the satiety signal release.  It blocks some fat digestion, but not much.  It is NOT a xenical or Alli.  There are animals that should not take it, so they should check with their vet."


* Sue Schwarten, Dr. Kirk's Administrative Assistant, wants to emphasize to pet owners, that Dr. Kirk says this is only an option when standard diet and exercise fail.  If you as a pet owner are considering using Slentrol for your pet, please consult with your veterinarian prior to use as this drug may not be appropriate for your pet.
Sue has personally gone through the battle of an overweight pet as two of her yorkies have had weight problems.  In Sues words:

"I know from personal experience how difficult it is to get weight off our babies.  Two of mine were overweight and after failing on my own to
reduce them, I took them in to the University of Tennessee for nutrition consults.  It was the best thing I did!!  The first week of their diets was difficult - Ohhhh....those pleading eyes!  But Mom made it through!  Now my 2 former 'chunky monkeys' have 'stud muffin' bodies! 

Consulting with a nutritionist is another option to help with overweight babies.  I learned a lot from my consults and highly recommend anyone with a chunky baby to consider a nutrition consult.

If you are interested in locating a nutritionist in your area, you can go to the American College of Veterinary Nutrition website:;jsessionid=2gfvqsieiulof



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