More on Diet Drug - Slentrol


Susan Lauten, PhD

Clinical Instructor of Nutrition
Veterinary Nutrition Center
University of Tennessee


(The University of Tennessee researched Slentrol - the new diet drug for pets.  The response below from Dr. Lauten is in reference to a question about the use of Slentrol in obese dogs )


"Slentrol can be very helpful for dogs that need to lose weight.  It is not
a magic pill, as when the drug is discontinued, there is rebound appetite
to contend with.  There is an appropriate time and place for use of this
product.  Perhaps families with little children who "share" their food with
the dog, or if an aging human is in the family that is unable to remember
when the dog was fed and/or cannot follow instructions. For most of us,
overweight pets are a result of a people problem and not a dog problem. The solution, should really be a "people" one.  Now with these little guys, we must be VERY SURE that there is no liver disease of any kind.  It can result in some mild liver changes in healthy dogs, but we wouldn't recommend it for MVD dogs, etc."


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