The Story of Duke and the use of a Shock Collar

By Terry Powell



My friend Selma has a golden retriever puppy, Duke, that is now almost a year old.  The dog is loving and gentle, but jumps up on anyone as they walk in the door to 'greet them.' 


They have a neighbor who is a staunch animal rights person, who recommended they try a shock collar on Selma's dog/puppy.  He said when the dog jumps up, to push the button on a remote device. He said he used it on one of his dogs with no bad effects. He brought a new collar over for Duke.


Selma and her adult daughter decided they wanted to check out the device, and feel how bad is the shock.  It did not seem bad, just a mild startle. They asked why there were long prongs, and were told that's to get through all that thick hair.   Well, the guy put it on Duke. Selma checked, and she could get four fingers between collar and dog except where the 'unit' part of the collar was. The guy said that's OK, the rest of the neck is loose.  He went outside, and when he came in, Duke jumped up. He told Selma to tap the button once. She did, and Duke immediately went down to a standing position, looking a bit confused.  He did not jump up again for the rest of the night.


Next morning, Duke was not his usual perky self. Selma petted Duke near his neck,  and something felt sticky. She turned up the lights and saw blood on Duke and her hand.  She was so upset she could not remove the collar, and called her husband to take it off NOW!   They saw pairs of wounds the same distance apart as the 2 prongs. There were three pairs of wounds.  Selma rushed Duke to the vet, where they shaved off the hair. He has six puncture wounds from the prongs!  Apparently the unit moved on Dukes neck. Selma just touched the remote button once, and let go. The poor dog looks like someone tortured it.


Those prongs were just over a half inch log and really burnt him.  Duke got an injection for pain, and will be on meds for two weeks. The collar and the animal enthusiast? Credibility busted. Selma's husband has already had the man to man talk.


Ok, that was a Golden Retriever, a pretty big dog. Thank God it was not a yorkie.



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