Colorado River Toad



The Colorado River toad is very toxic and when a dog bites or licks one of these toads, the toad will release a toxin that affects the dog's nervous system.  The dog's mouth will foam up, and  the dog can possibly start to have seizures.  The dog's tongue will move in and out because the taste of the toxin is awful and bitter.  The more toxin they ingest, the more the dog will struggle to remove the bitter taste from his/her mouth and in doing so, will ingest more toxins into their system.

  As soon as you see that the dog has bit or licked the toad,  flush the dog's mouth out for 5 to 10 minutes with a garden hose.  Tilt the dog's head down, and put the hose towards the back of the mouth and rinse forward so the dog does not swallow the water.  Take a wet face cloth and rub the tongue, the upper part of the mouth and the jaws to remove any toxin still left in the mouth.   You can give  the dog liquid benedryl to slow down the system and it will give the body time to release the toxin.  Wash the dog's face thoroughly with soap and water to remove any toxins that may be on the skin, and also wash the dog's feet as well as any other part of the dog's body that the saliva may have come in contact with skin.  Call your vet IMMEDIATELY or go to an Emergency Clinic.

If a dog ingests part of a toad, follow the procedure above.  Ingesting part of a toad can be fatal to the dog and requires immediate vet care.  This are just tips to help you should your dog come in contact with a toad.  We cannot stress the importance of seeking veterinary care as quickly as possible after an incident.

The smaller the dog, the more serious this situation.






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