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Jana Hall Papa

Baby Girl is a beautiful little pug with Collapsing Trachea.  Her Mom Jana is sharing her journal of Baby Girl's fight with collapsing trachea in the hopes of helping other pet owners with CT babies.

Thank You Jana and Baby Girl.





The thing to remember with CT is that an x-ray is going to capture that specific moment so if the dog is inhaling, exhaling, or somewhere in between that is what is captured. A scope looks inside the trachea and can see the locations and severity of the collapse. The scope can also identify any other potential problems such a bacteria, damage, etc.  Baby Girl's x-ray was the first step to identify the CT, then we had a consultation here in town with UT Veterinarian Dr. Kranwinkel, then we went to UT for our visit  where BG was scoped and received the stent........Jana




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